Upcoming Electric Cars In India 2022: In India electric cars become more popular than others. Few years back India was started to launching electric cars but now days everyone has an interest in these cars. Many companies have stated to launch these electric cars. Here is some list of upcoming electric cars launched in 2022-2023 in India. Now we discussed the Model, Expected Price and capacity of upcoming electric cars that are going to be launched in India.

1.) Jaguar l-Pace (Upcoming Electric Cars)

The car is manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover. The car will come to country in the end of this year. It has a good battery backup. The body style of Jaguar is 5-door SUV. The expected price of this car is approx 1 crore and this is one of good choice to buy of electric car.

2.) Audi e-Tron:

In country another option of upcoming electric car is Audi e- Tron. The expected price of this car is approx 90 Lakhs to 1 crore. The battery capacity of this electric car is 95 kWh. The brand has updated their versions for more effectiveness in their cars.

3.) Nissan Leaf:

The Nissan brand has confirmed the launching of their upcoming electric car in India. The car has also featured of quick charging processing than others. The expected price of the car is approx 40 Lakh-45 Lakh and the battery capacity of this car is 40 kWh.

4.) Mercedes- Benz EQC:

The electric car is also launched by Mercedes-Benz EQC. The expected price of the car is 1.0 crore. In the next few months the car will be launched in the country. The expected launch in country near about May 2020.

5.) Volkswagen lD3 – Upcoming Electric Cars

The car has good features in it. The expected price of the car is 30-40 lakh and the battery capacity is 45 kWh. The car is also a good choice to buy for people within a reasonable price.

Who are interested in the upcoming electric cars they must check their official sites for exact features and price of these cars.