Translator Jobs in Dubai June 2022 Online Translation jobs in UAE – A Interpreter or Translator is a person who communicate letters/ words, expression from one language to another. In easy words, a programming language processor or translator is a generic term that can refer to converts code from one computer language into another. A translator is a linguist who translates documents from one language to another.

In the current scenario of globalization, multinational companies coming to the United Arab Emirates for joint ventures, so the job opportunity for a translator is increasing. The primary duty of Translator Jobs in Dubai professionals is to translate the texts from one language to the local language without difference in its interpretation from the original text.

Eligibility to get Translator Jobs in Dubai

Individuals who wish to choose translator job as a profession, can go for Degree/ Diploma Course in the desired language after 10+2, different institutions/ universities offering the same courses. Individuals may have to take an entrance test to take admission or sometime on merit basis the prestigious institutions of the desired language allowed.

Types of Job Roles Translator:

  • Literary Translators
  • Health/ Medical Translators & Interpreters
  • Sign language Translators/ Interpreters
  • Legal OR Judicial Translators & Interpreters
  • Conference Interpreters/ Translators

Employment Opportunities for Translator Jobs in Dubai

  1. Teaching
  2. International Organizations
  3. Research Organizations
  4. Trade Organizations
  5. Export Agencies
  6. Fairs & Exhibitions
  7. Travel & Tourism Sector
  8. Educational Services: State, Local & Private
  9. Newspapers & Magazines
  10. Software Developing Companies
  11. Technical, Scientific Literary OR Business
  12. Hospitals – State, Private & Local
  13. Hotel Industry
  14. Airline Offices
  15. Radio Stations
  16. Publishing Houses
  17. Courtrooms
  18. Embassies

Different types of translators

There are three different types of translators are normally as below.

Compiler: A person used to convert high level programming language to low level programming language.

Interpreter: The interpreter is almost similar to a complier the only difference is that it converts the program one line of code at a time and reports errors when find while conversion.

Assembler: An assembler used to translate assembly language into machine language.