Trainee Jobs in Dubai June 2022 Jobs in UAE for Indian Graduates Freshers – A Trainee is basically known as a person taking part in a trainee program within an organization after having graduated degree from technical and higher courses. A trainee jobs in Dubai is an official employee of the company/ firm that is being trained to the job they were initially hired for. In easy words, a trainee is an employee in training.

Mostly trainee programs are organized by public sector employers and private companies where the trainee post has a varied duration depending on the program of company. The trainee programs normally consist of a fusion of practice and theory and is focused at having the trainee to learn the company from the ground up.

Eligibility Norms to get Trainee Jobs in Dubai

  • High quality educational tools and framework valuable for training in clinical and non-clinical settings
  • At least a Bachelor Degree from an authorized University.
  • Knowledge of current industry trends and strong multitasking skills
  • Relevant work experience in a similar role and proficiency in MS office
  • Capability to produce content on time and an emphasis on identifying and pitching to a target audience
  • Willingness to learn, well-organized team leader with the ability to perform multitasks, think creatively and act individually
  • Conversational English and eagerness to overcome challenges

Role & Responsibilities of Trainee Jobs in Dubai

  • Drive daily service and operations of all areas of business
  • Maintain and develop positive working relationships with all key stakeholders
  • Ensure proper training and documentation of employees
  • Enjoy the learning journey and be open to learn new things
  • Accept lawful instructions in regard to training, work in the workplace
  • Participate in the formal training sessions/ online activities
  • Submitting documentation and forms by the needed deadlines
  • Seeking an appropriate supervisor to help completion of formative and summative assessments, leaning & teaching tools and application forms
  • Accessing and researching new learning resources

Translator Jobs in Dubai

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