Telecaller Jobs in Dubai June 2022 Tele Caller Careers – Telecalling Jobs for Freshers – Telemarketing is a way of direct marketing in which a Telecaller solicits prospective clients to buy services or products, either over the phone or via a subsequent web conferring or face to face appointment scheduled during the call. Telemarketing is explained as qualifying, contracting and canvassing prospective clients using telecommunications devices like as fax, telephone, and internet. Telemarketing can also include recorded sales pitches programmed to be played over the mobile through automatic dialing but not include direct mail marketing. Tele Calling is one of the communications with a person or group of persons for sales, marketing by reaching out to possible and current clients.

Eligibility to get Telecaller Jobs in Dubai

  • High School Diploma from an authorized Institute or equivalent
  • Computer literate
  • Prior experience as a telecaller or similar
  • Completion of a sales concerned training program is preferred
  • Superb verbal communication skills and ability to switch communication style on a whim.
  • Exposure to diverse viewpoints, cultural norms and experiences
  • Capacity to receive critique without internalizing it
  • Superb interpersonal, research and record keeping skills

Telecaller Responsibilities [Telecaller Jobs in Dubai]

  • Update and obtain lists of peoples contact details
  • Studying the details of each offering and remaining abreast of updates to these offerings
  • Calling budding and active customers to encourage the purchase of items
  • Note down important details of each conversation
  • Addressing grievances, uncertainties and suggestions of time of clients
  • Communicating verbal acceptances of offers to sales team for closing
  • Attending team meetings regularly to clarify progress and performance concerned expectations
  • Recording all unsuccessful or successful attempts to close sales
  • Conducting each of your functions with the utmost respect, regardless of dispositions of others.
  • Handling outbound and inbound calls, follow up on database and enquiry
  • Ensure proper servicing is done for Telecaller Jobs in Dubai
  • Counselling, inbound, administration, outbound and admission

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