Tailor Jobs in Dubai (with Salaries) 23 Vacancies in June 2022 – A Tailor is a person who alerts or makes clothing, especially in clothing of men. Tailors are liable for altering, constructing, modifying and repairing garments for clients based on their needs, specifications and preference. The take measurements of clients, assist in fabric selection and arrange fittings to determine whether additional adjustments are required. The responsibilities of tailor jobs in Dubai also include restyling old or outdated garments based on specifications of clients, sewing buttons, zippers, hooks and eyes, or snap fasteners onto garments as required and prepare completed garments for pickup by ironing out creases and removing chalk marks.

Basic Eligibility Norms to be Tailor – Tailor Jobs in Dubai

  • High School Diploma or equivalent certificate
  • Strong working knowledge of different fabrics and embroidery threads
  • Prior experience working as a Custom Designer, Tailor or a related role
  • Proficiency in using different types of sewing machines
  • Excellent sewing skills and amazing hand-eye coordination abilities

Responsibilities for Tailor Jobs in Dubai

  • Taking accurate measurements and make required calculations
  • Discussing with the customers about repairing and altering garments as per their norms
  • Attaching labels to different garment materials of client
  • Providing clients with cost estimates for the construction of customized garments
  • Constructing garments for clients based on their specifications, design ideas and preferences
  • Repairing or modifying garments of clients which includes sewing or patching holes and tears, tapering pant legs, removing pockets, lining sheer garments and adding padding.
  • Ensure support is provided to the laundry function when needed
  • Complete wash cycles, folding of linen and correct storage
  • Liaise with laundry suppliers and dry cleaners on the cleaning of garments
  • Ensure damaged and soiled linen is stored in soiled bags and disposed of correctly
  • Report hazard and maintenance issue and maintain linen room and garment store
  • Provide valet service to guests

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