The Sweet Uses of Questioning – Questioning techniques – Questioning is as important for the mind as absorbing knowledge. It not only satisfies the curiosity of the mind but also broadens its horizon. Questioning is the first step of critical thinking or critical analysis which finds advantages in both personal and professional areas of our life. Unfortunately, putting up questions in class or anywhere else is seen either as an irritable or as a threat. This is why renewed emphasis needs to be laid on the culture of questioning in the present era of blind following and herd mentality.

The importance of questions

Let us understand what happens when one questions something;

  • The information is tested through the lens of reason.
  • A greater understanding is obtained.
  • The application of the information is clear.
  • The process of information transfer is enhanced.

In short when one raises a question which is the most natural thing to do; let’s take the example of a child in a classroom, he indicates to the teacher that he hasn’t understood what she has said which helps the teacher pause and not assume that everyone in the class has understood.

It then helps her level down to the simple understanding of the child and re-explain the concept. After listening to this, the child can finally understand the concept and need not mug it up unprocessed.

This simple habit comes in handy all the way till he is grown up and no subject will seem scary or beyond reach like it does for many of us.

Why questions are killed (Sweet uses of Questioning)

Questions are not encouraged in society, whether in classrooms or for social norms or professional arenas. This is because they are considered as questioning authority whether of the teacher or the elders in society or the boss which creates hindrance in individuals to ask questions freely. Another reason is that questions hold negative associations is that they are instruments of change.

Whether that be a traditional rule in society that no longer holds good or an obsolete method that ought to be revised, questions play the first role in breaking conventions which is why they are suppressed. We all have heard about Yesman who smile and nod at everything their superior says.

The problem is we have too many of them and our abilities to think individually without inputs or a rule book is depleting. It is time we overcome our insecurities and rigidity and welcome questions as they should be.

The Questioning Culture

It is of primary importance that the questioning culture is revived. We must stop maiming minds at young ages with our impatience and intolerance for questions. Rather we should create conducive spaces for children to ask without fear of punishment. We are carrying on traditions that are not only ancient but also harmful and decadent.

These traditions must be questioned in every little sphere such as a family to larger social entities. And finally if we want able minded individuals rather than disillusioned youth for the coming generations we must empower them with the instrument of questioning. Only then can we all make sound decisions for ourselves first and then others.

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Miss Hitakanshi Ghoshal Law Student & Presently She worked as Content Writer at Chandigarh