Supervisor Jobs in Dubai (with Salaries) Supervisor Jobs in UAE for Freshers – A lead or supervisor is also known as boss, foreman, overseer, monitor, facilitator, area coordinator, line manager or sometimes gaffer. A supervisor is a lower-level management post that is fundamentally based on authority over workers or workplace.  An employee is a supervisor if she/ he has the authority and power to give orders/ instructions to subordinates and responsible for the actions and work of other employees. At the place of work, a supervisor Jobs in Dubai can also be one of the most senior employees in the staff, who oversees subordinates.

Eligibility Norms for Supervisor Jobs in Dubai

  • High School Diploma/ BA Degree in Management/ B.COM/ Diploma or concerned discipline shall be considerable
  • Familiarity with company policies and legal guidelines of the field
  • Six months computer course certificate
  • Ability to learn a variety of job descriptions
  • Proven experience as supervisor or concerned role
  • Ability to oversee the day-to-day operations of an organizations by smoothly implementing management decisions in unit

Role & Responsibilities of Supervisor Jobs in Dubai

  • Respond to employee problems, needs and satisfaction
  • Carry out policies passed down a hierarchy
  • Supervisors are the direct link between the work force and management and can be most effective in growing safety attitudes, job training, safe working methods and identifying unsafe acts
  • Receive complaints and resolve problems
  • Train and hire new employees
  • Monitor employee productivity and offer constructive feedback and coaching
  • Organize workflow and ensure that employees understand their duties or delegated tasks
  • Set goals for deadlines and performance in ways that comply with plans of company and vision and communicate them to subordinates
  • Develop group cohesiveness and solve routine daily problems
  • Direct jobs, tasks and projects and train subordinates
  • Enforce rules, discipline subordinates and evaluate or control performance of them

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