Suicide and Depression 2022 – Our website pays deep mourn on the suicide of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput which was happened yesterday. It was really an irreparable loss to the family, fans and film industry. The Actor was just 34 years old.

Although he had fame, name, money in spite of that he had committed suicide. How alone he was inside? How much depressed he was? What were the last desires of the actor? Many more questions are there which he leaves unanswered?

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Can Depression Causes Mental Illness?

Mental illness is prevalent nowadays to almost 8 people out of 10. So, this is the major challenge to our society. When a person is mentally ill den his activities are different from sound person.

For example, mentally ill people sometimes speak more, sometimes speak less, eating disorders, unsound sleep, irritating on small things, etc. Finally, on last stage that person get depression. We usually heard about so many people that they suffered from depression, although we may take it lightly. We are not bothering depression on its very early stage.

When it crosses the limits then it controls all the nervous system of our body. There are so many treatments of depression we can check online but actually depression always be cured by self-motivation. No medicine, no counselling, no treatment will be going to work until the person motivating himself.

Suicide Is Choice or Last Option? Suicide and Depression

Our Constitution provides Right to Life and Liberty to every person under Article 21. Under this Article Right to die is not included in right to life. And suicide is offence under section 309 of Indian Penal Code. So, our law assumes that suicide is not the last option. There are various other ways to come up and boost up themselves.

Suicide is committed only when person is not ready to face the hard situations. Parents should up bring their children in that way in which they will tackle every situation strongly. Mental health is more important than physical health, because if person’s will power is strong then he can do everything.

Suicide Wikipedia

We have seen so many people’s lives who made history in the world with having only strong will power i.e. Rattan Tata, Dhirubhai Amabani, APJ Abdul Kalam etc. who proves themselves by using only their mental strength. So, suicide is not the right choice and also not the last option because it is life and if life gives us pleasure then pain is also part of it.

It is not possible for human lives that only the pleasures will happen. Without even pain we are not able to understand the value of happiness in our life. Pain and pleasures are the sides of one coin so, we may accept it happily and carry forward our life by enjoying every part of it.