Stem Cells Essay – Invention of Stem Cells from Human Foeticide – The Day of 16thMay is actually a memorable day in the history of development of Science. On  16thMay 2013 the American Scientist for the first time succeeded in take away the stem cells from the human foeticide clown. In medical science it is recorded as the biggest success because through these cells many of the incurable diseases have now to be cured like Parkinson’s, eye blindness, backbone problems etc. Now first we are going to discuss the meaning.

What are Stem Cells? – Stem Cells Essay

These cells are the human cells. They can range from muscle cells to brain cells.  Every type of blood cell in the bone marrow starts as a stem cell. These cells are actually less developed cells which are able to make other blood cells that are developed. Many times, these are also used to treat as bone marrow transplants.

How Long Life is of These Cells?

It is assumed that these cells are immortal. They continue to self-renew, thus generating more stem cells that collectively can outlast an individual’s life.

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Need to Awareness

Although invention of stem cell is the miraculous discovery in medical science but still there is need to aware the masses about it. Because stem cell are mostly released from the embryos at the time of delivery. Then it is much needed that the couple who is undergone for delivering the child must register themselves for freezing their stem cells. If they frizzed at right time then their child will be safe for upcoming years. Yet another thing is that doctors, should also advise these things to the patient in advance, so they can prepare their mind in time. Government should also take some necessary steps which are helpful for public as well as for doctors.

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