Security Guard Jobs in Dubai with Salary 23 Vacancies of Security Guard with FREE Visa – A security guard is also known as a security officer, security inspector or protective agent. He is a person employed by a private or government party to protect the assets of employing party such as people, property, money, equipment & etc from a variety of hazards like damaged property, waste, unsafe worker behavior, theft (criminal activity) by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter inappropriate & illegal action, enforcing preventative measures, looking either directly, indirectly, through patrols by monitoring video surveillance cameras, and alarm systems. Security officers (Security Guard Jobs in Dubai) are generally in uniform to represent lawful authority for protect property.

Eligibility Norms for Security Guard Jobs in Dubai

  • High School Diploma or at least 10th Class certificate is required
  • X years of experience as a security guard or similar role in surveillance systems
  • In depth knowledge of legal norms for area security and public safety
  • Outstanding surveillance and observation skills
  • Trained in BLS/ First Aid and self-defence and registered as a security officer
  • Should be able to understand local language
  • Physically fit, good height and able to run fast
  • Able to work 12 hours additionally in case of emergency

Role & Responsibilities for Security Guard Jobs in Dubai

  • Monitor property entrance
  • Patrol and inspect premises in short interval
  • Authorize entrance of vehicles and unknown people
  • Secure all doors, exits and windows
  • Report to seniors of any suspicious happenings and behaviors
  • Monitor surveillance cameras
  • Submit report of every suspicious action and daily surveillance activity
  • Provide assistance to people if required
  • Respond to alarms and react in a timely manner
  • Taking action to minimize damage such as escorting and warning trespassers off property
  • Reporting any incidents to clients and emergency services such as the paramedics or police as appropriate

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