Role of a Woman in Society Today – Well all we know daughters are the base of every society but their hidden situation no one knows. All the girls are not born with happiness sometimes they may be curtailed even in the wombs. There is the ocean in every girl’s hearts. When the people understand the pain inside felt by the girls? Let’s take a look on the lives of the girls. The first general thought which came into the mind with the birth of the girl is the Liability.

Even from the birth of the girl they are always assumed as the burden on the family. When a girl took birth, there are not many celebrations as compare with the birth of boys. On the other hand if we see our religious books girls are worshiped as goddess because it is the girl only who has ability to give birth to the child. So, whole of the Universe actually came from the womb of the girl.

Actual Position of girls

When we know that girls are the pro-creator of the world, then why their position is not so well till today? Here we are going to discuss few causes which are the reasons of their present situation:

Custom of Dowry:

In earlier time, dowry was given as a gift to the bride by her father but with the passage of time it takes its position as a custom which prevails in our society like one of the essential of the marriage. From the birth of the girl, her parents take tension for the dowry. This custom ruins the lives of so many girls but still the society is not bothered about it till it will happen to their own daughters.

Illiteracy [Role of a Woman in Society Today]

This is the second major reason which causes the girl’s life into struggling life. Usually the parents of the girl child think that a girl only need to know all about the household works, they are least interested in studying a girl because they think that when girl knows household work she will be easily married. So illiterate girls are not even aware about their basic rights also. They tolerate so many hindrances even in their parent home as well as in their in laws house also.

Poverty – Role of a Woman in Society Today

Poverty is the biggest reason of every problem. All the problems arises from the poverty. The poor parents of girl child always think that early marriage of their daughters makes them free from their liability. They never think about the less age of their daughters the effects of marriage on the brain, health of the daughters. The less aged girls when after marriage faced sexual intercourse, they got very hidden problems, some girls even died at the time of the birth of the child, some remains physically underdeveloped. So, when they are not physically and mentally fit then how they can take stand for their own.

Social Security (Role of a Woman in Society Today)

As all we know about this fact that girls are not socially secured. Parents take so much tension when their girls steps out from the home. Even today’s modern girls are not much allowed to freely moving after sunset. Number of crimes are committed against girls. So, it is the common thinking of every girl child parent that keep your girls inside the walls.

Insecurity in males:

Our society is man dominating society. Even modern men are also not tolerate that their wives earn more than them. As we can see number of divorce cases are filed only on this issue.

So, in the end although we have examples of our brave girls like Sania Mirza, Indira Gandhi, P.V. Sindhu, Kalpana Chawla etc. who are the brightest star of our nation and makes us proud but still there is quick need to change our stereo type thinking towards the girls.