Rights and Duties of Indian Citizens – In our Indian’s lives rights plays very important role since past. Because for a very long time we were treated as like a slave by Britishers. Generally, every person always wants to remain free and independent. If one person has rights simultaneously, he/she have some duties also. There are so many types of rights which we are going to discuss in this Article:

Rights and Duties of Indian Citizens – Human Rights

Human rights are those rights which are getting by being human. The Human Rights are in detail discussed by United Nation Organization also. These rights are the basic rights for the development of every human being. If these rights are not given to them, they are not even surviving in the society.

Natural Rights:

These rights are given to us by Nature. Sunlight, darkness, air, earth, plants, all are given by nature. Without natural right human turned into the worst creation of the god. These rights are for both human and for animals.

Fundamental Rights:

Our Constitution part III provided list of fundamental rights. These rights based on the model of basic human rights. By its name we can check the value of these rights in our lives. In the list of fundamental rights, the most important rights are right to life and right to freedom because if person is dead then there is no meaning of rights and on the other hand when you have right but not freedom to play it is also a useless thing.

Rights Vs Duties – Legal Rights

These Rights are those rights except which is provided in our constitution and given by various other laws i.e. Indian Contract Act, Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act etc.

Rights and Duties of Indian Citizens

Alongside if we are talking about duties then accordingly duties are more important than rights because when we should be conscious about our duties then there is no harm to break anyone’ right. Our constitution part IV (A) provided the list of fundamental duties. Although these duties are not enforceable and justiciable but by various other laws, we can punish the person for disobeying many duties. Like we have duty to protect our environment but if any person pollutes our environment then we have legal provision of environmental law by which we can punish that person.

So, in the end we are able to reach on the point that if we want rights, we should obey firstly our duties. Both runs parallelly.