Preamble of the Constitution – Every book has its own preface. In preface general introduction of the book is given. So, like every book our constitution has also its own preface which is known as its preamble. It is also known as the key of the constitution which is used to open the mind of the framers of our constitution.

As all we know that our constitution is the borrowing bag and our preamble is borrowed from UN charter of the USA. Its language is borrowed from the Australia. It is actually the modified name of objective resolution which was moved in constitute assembly by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru on 13 Dec. 1946. Before knowing the constitution, it is mandatory to read our preamble firstly. Let’s put some light on it of our constitution by dividing into three parts:

First Part of Preamble:

“We the people of India having solemnly resolved our India into”

  • Sovereign: means Supreme/ not controlled by anyone
  • Socialist: means equality in society (added by 42ndamendment 1976)
  • Secular: means state has no religion of its own (added by42nd amendment 1976)
  • Democratic: govt is by the people for the people and to the people
  • Republic: indirectly elected head of the union.

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Second Part:

The second part deals with the basic objects of our preamble which are:

Justice: socially, economically, and politically justice provided to every citizen of India.

Liberty: of thoughts, expressions, belief and worship

Equality: of status and of opportunities

Fraternity: Spirit of Brotherhood and integrity (union ship) the word fraternity was introduced by the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and Integrity word added by 42nd amendment 1976.

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Third Part of Preamble:

On 26th Nov 1946 we adopt our constitution and give themselves to our constitution and our constitution enforced on 26th Jan 1950.

Our constitution has its 22 parts then the next question which is very important to discuss here that is preamble is the part of our constitution or not?

Yes, preamble is the part of our constitution because it contains the basic objects of our constitution.

From 1950 to till now our preamble has been amended only for once that was in 1976 by which three words added into our preamble.

In the landmark case Keshvanandan Bharti V. State of Kerala Supreme court decided that it is also the basic structure of our constitution and it is not subject to altered.

So, in the end here we got to know that our preamble is much important to understand the constitutional provisions.

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