Painter Jobs in Dubai (June 2022) Painter Job Salary in Dubai – A Painter is a creative artist in the medium of painting. Painting is the practice of applying pigment, paint, color or other medium of solid surface called support or matrix. A painter works on a wide range of industrial and domestic projects ranging from re-decorating homes to large structures. For a domestic job, a painter uses varnishes, paint, and wallpapers to decorate.

Painter has a good career to contracting art galleries, make connections, exhibit paintings, meanwhile keep at improving talent. The painter can try their hand in doing artwork or cartoons for magazines, newspaper, posters, tv industry and film. They could also diversify and be a graphic artist, illustrator, henna artist or take up animation and website designing.

Eligibility Norms for Painter Jobs in Dubai

Although there are no specific criteria to be a painter, if a person has 12th class passed certificate can become a Painter (Painter Jobs in Dubai). But a person can enhance his career growth after taking part in painting diploma/ degree courses. Some of them are given below.

  • B.F.A. Painting
  • B.A. in Painting
  • Diploma in Painting
  • B.A. in Sculpture, Applied Arts
  • Certificate Course in Painting
  • Degree in Drawing & Painting
  • Experience painting commercial or residential spaces
  • Knowledge of all the applicable safety and health standards
  • Professional skills, art & creativity to applying the knowledge of paint colours, highlights and tones
  • Aware of the different shades of colours and the ways that help in mixing

Role & Responsibilities for Painter Jobs in Dubai

  • Preparing surfaces and walls before painting
  • Selecting the correct paints and tools for projects
  • Applying paints & mixing, varnishes and sealants for a lasting finish
  • Use fillers such as plaster and putty to repair cracks
  • Covering exposed surfaces and objects
  • Obeying workplace safety guidelines
  • Buying brushes, paint and other supplies
  • Collaborating with construction and other design specialists

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