Packing Jobs in Dubai (June 2022) 19 Packaging Job Vacancies in Dubai UAE – A Packer, or Picker Packer is a warehouse employee liable for fulfilling orders by presenting inventory in shipping containers and ready them for shipment. Packaging is the art, science and technology of protecting or enclosing products for storage, distribution, sale and use. It also includes the process of designing, producing and evaluating packages. Package labelling is in written form eighter in graphic communication or electronics on the package or on a distinct but associated label. Packers examine the most space efficient mode to forward a variety of items of dissimilar sizes, shapes and weights.

Eligibility Norms for Packing Jobs in Dubai

The packers are commonly not required any advanced educational norms. A GED (General Educational Diploma) or High School Diploma is primarily sufficient. This indicates that the packers can understand basic rules of arithmetic and communicating in the English language.

  • A commercial driving license is required for those drive the shipping vehicles.
  • A forklift license will be an extra benefit.
  • In depth knowledge of shipping and packing process
  • Good knowledge of basic arithmetic i.e. subtraction, addition, multiplication and division

The Purposes of Packaging – Packing Jobs in Dubai

  • Barrier Protection
  • Physical Protection
  • Containment or Agglomeration
  • Information Transmission
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Convenience
  • Portion Control
  • Positioning/ Branding

Role & Responsibilities for Packing Jobs in Dubai

  • Inspecting packages to ensure that it is not damaged
  • Labelling appropriately, sealing shipping containers, and weighing packages
  • Inspecting shipping containers to ensure it meet as per shipping norms
  • Keeping up to date records of packages including invoices, delivery notes and etc
  • Assembling daily orders by shipping location or any other shipping categories
  • Write up packing and order forms with the concerned shipping information
  • Collect necessary shipping materials like bubble wrap, packing foam, cling wrap and tape to create a shipping package to protect the items inside.

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