National Technology Day in India 

The world is the problem; the atomic bomb is the answer.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Today is celebrated as “National Technology Day in India” because on this day in 1998 India successfully tested “Nuclear Bombs” in Pokhran (Rajasthan). This day was named by the Late Prime Minister Sh. Atal Bihari Bajpayee. On this day our nation successfully test-fired its Shakti-1 nuclear Missile in operation called Pokhran-II, also code named as “Operation Shakti”. Do we need nuclear weapons? What is the use of technology in our life?

National Technology Day in India

As all we know that India is a developing country and it needs more and more development in every field. History tells us about the wars between nations. India is country with full of history of wars. From beginning to till now we are facing enmity from few countries like Pakistan, china etc. Today is the time of quick actions and reactions so the traditions of old war have nowadays gone. There is need to keep ready themselves for fighting with bad situation. With the good leadership of Late Sh. Atal Bihari Bajpayee Ji we on this day had once again proved worldwide India as a strong and vastly growing nation now.

How Useful Technology Is?

It is true that only those nations are strong nations who do not let their people to starve to death for the sake of a nuclear technology. Nuclear weapons are harmful to humans as well as to environment. So, if we expend a huge amount on nuclear weapons then alongside, we place our country in economic recession and thus further more increasing poverty.

Nagasaki and Hiroshima

We should need to learn from Nagasaki and Hiroshima where nuclear weapons were producing worst impacts on humans and environment. At Nagasaki the temperature at that time was of 4000 degree Celsius which blazed every animal, plant and raises that type of rains which causes cancer.

Can we wish to see any other country subject to same conditions? So, we should be careful before even producing any nuclear weapons because once it made it must be tested or disposed of. In both cases it causes number of impacts on lives of living as well as no-livings.

General Views

Although many countries have believed that by having nuclear weapons, they deter other countries who have nuclear weapons. The system of nuclear weapons starts from the Cold War era even America and Russian states also signed an agreement to cut down their nuclear weapons because they are threatening the existence of human race. So, they seem them as useless weapons.

Pokhran-II Wikipedia

National Technology Day in India – Need to Change

In these days when we are already facing so many other troubles like Coronavirus, Financial Stability, Food Insecurity, Unemployment etc., then on international level there is need to change the thinking of world leaders by reducing their pride and ego. The world’s leaders should expand on that type of nuclear energy which reduces poverty, food insecurity, Environmental pollution etc. when all leaders will come together and thinks about their citizens, they must become up with that technology which illuminate the future of their citizens.

Democracy Improvement