Mother: The Unconditional Love

“Only female parent can think of the future because they give birth to it in their children” Maxim Grosky

Today on “Mother’s Day” special our web page presents a special article on the Love of Mom. Words are very hard to come whenever we need to say thanks to our beloved female parent. The word ‘mother’ is of six letters which shows itself that without the first letter ‘M’ all relations in this world are others.

Therefore, the first letter of mom united all the relations on this planet. I have nothing to write on world’s next to god who is mother, but I just tried to explain my inner feelings regarding the un-substituted love of mother.

Mother the Creator of the World

Well all we know that the whole of the world revolves around the womb of mother. She is the creator of this beautiful planet called earth. If no girl in this world is ready to become mother then there will be no life, so the circle of life is actually carried forward by only female when she become mother.

God gave women strength to become the mother because we can’t even imagine how painful is to give birth to a child and keep child in the womb for nine months. It is only the mother who keeps it unconditionally without thinking about herself. We should always be thankful to our mothers because of them we are able to see this world. If we want to see the god in reality then we must take a look of our mothers because she is next or actually the creator of every child.

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Life without Mothers

It is very easy for the children who have mother in their lives to get anything at any time but ask about the pain from those children’s who lost their mother’s. Actually, the life without mother is like a river without water. Because mother is the only person in every child’s life who is the first guardian and her first touch to the child generates the sense in their body. Life without mother is dull life because it is the mother only who all time pays attention to their children. Since from the womb till the entire life of the child, she knows every moment of her child even in her sleep.

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Position of Mother’s Nowadays      

We are living in a very modern and fast societies. Nowadays everyone is busy with themselves. Families are nuclear now. So, children of this digital era don’t have much respect and time for their parents. They remain busy with their friends, colleagues, or with other activities.

Even after marriage most of the couples live separate from their parents because they think that parents will be burden on them. How they can think so? She who gave birth to him, is she become burden now? We should be careful about coming time because societies going to change very rapidly, we should teach our children the basic values of every relation. In these days our children in their very less age facing the problem of depression, frustration etc because they are not so familiar with their parents. It’s time to keep our children on right track and giving them a healthy life.

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Mrs. Usha Goyal (Scholar) & Dr. Aman Mehta, LL.B, LL.M (Gold Medalist), Ph.d, Presently working as Law Officer in Punjab Waqf Board, Chandigarh