Mathematics Blessing or Burden

When we talk about the subject of Math we usually see the weird face expressions of students. Why every student runs from the subject math. There are number of questions which are necessary to understand the value of math in everyone’s life. The questions are as follows:

  • Have you ever wondered why Mathematics is the main topic that is often asked in every competitive exam like SSC-CGL, CPO, Banking PO exams, etc?
  • Why there is so much of emphasis on mathematics in these exams?
  • What is the relation of the job profile with Mathematics? What is the skill that the employer wants to test by having mathematics?

Answers to all these questions lie in understanding the basic reasoning and aptitude in a person. It imparts an attitude to a person to deal with the coming situation in a more systematic and precise manner.

I don’t Like  Math

But many of you must be wondering that “I don’t like math since childhood, or I am particularly weak in it. I am not able to understand it and solve the different problems. So, I won’t be crack these exams or I don’t have required attitude and skill set required for the posts. “Let me tell you very clearly and firmly that nobody is weak in math, or nobody can be weak in maths”. It’s just that we are taught in a monotonous manner since childhood that we lose interest in this subject. Most of our school teachers have emphasized cramming formulas and steps to solve the question without clearing the basics of a student. As we move from one class to another, more formulae kept on piling. It led to students becoming fearful of maths. In short, studying Maths was made hell by role-learning based teaching techniques.

Mathematics Blessing or Burden

So, to buy this hatchet once and for all, it is required to introduce new teaching techniques that arouse the interest of a student in math. This can be done by emphasizing on basics with lesser formulae and cramming. New shortcut techniques need to be introduced that focus on time-saving in the limited exam time by integrating them with basics so that a candidate won’t have to cram it.

Article credit goes to

Meenakshi Mehta (M.Sc. Math & M.Ed.) 10 years rich experience as a Govt. Math Teacher