Mason Jobs in Dubai (With Salary) 2022 – Tiles Mason Job in Dubai New Vacancy – Bricklayer, Brick Mason, Craftsman and Mason who lays bricks to construct brickwork or lays any combination of bricks, stones, cinder blocks or similar pieces. A Mason uses concrete blocks, bricks, or natural stones to build structures that include walkways, walls, chimneys and fences. Stone Mason is a craftsman in the stone shaping and cutting industry. Stone Mason or Masons use different techniques and tools to shape stone and rock pieces and artificial mineral products into the geometric shapes required to build buildings, bridges, monuments etc. Mason (Mason Jobs in Dubai) is also responsible for restorations and repairs.

Eligibility Norms for Mason Jobs in Dubai

  • Proficient with both traditional hand tools and modern power tools
  • Can work in all weather & with different materials, assess & read technical drawings and carry heavy object
  • Completed 03 years apprenticeship training course or will be physically fit and able
  • Love to work with stone & respect for the ancient traditions of the profession
  • Dept-understanding about building code needs, blueprints, safety norms, mathematics, and first aid process
  • Age should be plus eighteen with high school or equivalent diploma to be eligible for an apprenticeship

Role & Responsibilities for Mason Jobs in Dubai

  • Polishing and texturing blocks of stone, mixing cement & mortar, installing dressed stone and restoring old & damaged masonry works
  • Assist in building layout, sheathing, framing and roofing structures
  • Communicate serious safety issues & report with the foreman
  • Correct any safety hazards
  • Use tools and equipment for basic construction tasks with safely perform
  • Rebuild, tear down, and point chimneys
  • Cut openings into ceilings, walls, and floors constructed of masonry materials
  • Shaping, cutting and dressing materials
  • Maintaining workspaces and tools
  • Following and reading technical drawings
  • Should have a natural talent for working with their hands

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