Logistic Officer Jobs in Dubai – Shipping and Logistics Jobs in Dubai for Freshers – Logistics Officer is involved in forecasting, planning and execution of the inventory and budget management of spare parts and other items required for day to day running of ships. Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. A Logistic Officer is a member of coast guard or armed force responsible for overseeing the support of an air force, army, navy, marine corps or coast guard fleet, both at abroad and home. The responsibilities of Logistic Officer (Logistic Officer Jobs in Dubai) vary depending on what tasks they are assigned and where they are deployed.

Eligibility Norms for Logistic Officer Jobs in Dubai

  • At least Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Logistics, Transportation, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Distribution, or Supply Chain Management or in a concerned field
  • In-depth understanding of logistics practices and operations
  • Work experience in logistic or supply chain management tasks
  • Able to develop logistics policies, plans and procedures
  • Efficient to provide technical & procedural advice in a broad range of logistics areas
  • Knowledge of MS Office applications and logistics software required to conduct research, moderately complex tasks and complete routine

Responsibilities for Logistic Officer Jobs in Dubai

  • Carry out packing, warehousing, crating and storage duties in preparation for site specific shipment and program
  • Liable for receiving, tracking and stocking all items ordered
  • Develop logistical plans for latest logistics and operations contingency plans
  • Budget requirements, support plans and deployment timelines for new operations
  • Present and coordinate logistics support to ongoing land, rail, air and river operations
  • Involve in technical survey missions for new assignments
  • Oversee and guide performance of junior and new logistics officers
  • Provide a list of equipment moved from the consolidation areas into sponsor shipping channels to project coordinators
  • Ensure accountable, cost effective and timely release of peacekeeping cargos along with personnel

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