Lockdown Versus Section 188 of IPC – Well all we know today’s time is very crucial time for all the world. Due to the global pandemic named as Covid-19 everyone is locked down in their own four-walls. The lockdown is the only action to combat the outbreak of this epidemic. In the fast growing life of everyone we can understand that how much difficult for every person to sit at home. Although lockdown is not only the way out for outbreak this virus along with it social distancing of one meter and proper medical testing must be needed.

What Is The Use Of Lockdown?

On 31stJanuary 2020, World Health Organization declared Covid-19 as pandemic epidemic globally. As from various reports, newspapers, T.V Channels, we get  this information that how this virus has taken number of person’s death in very short period of time. The Wuhan city of china where this virus was spread like a fire into worldwide. But fortunately, the effect of the virus in our nation is not as much as compare to other nations. Our respected PM Sh. Narendra Modi, rapidly declared complete lockdown on 22nd March 2020 in whole of the India. Respected PM said in his speech on national TV that presently Lockdown is the only source of breaking the chain of the Covid-19 and with this lockdown we will get social distancing policy very easily.

Need Of Strict Law’s

Here it is mandatory to discuss here that how we need strong law’s for making lockdown successful. In our nation from the beginning there is need to create the terror in the minds of the general people. Whereas everyone has tolerated the global pandemic named Covid-19. There is need to tackle this problem generously. It is a general rule that hard time calls for rapid actions. The Covid-19 has taken almost the entire world in its grip is one such hard time for whole of the world.

Lockdown Versus Section 188 of IPC

Section 188 of IPC deals with an offence of disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant. The matter of legality of FIR’s filed under section 188 of Indian penal code has come up, due to recent PIL filed in Hon’ble Supreme Court seeking quashing of all FIR’s under section 188 of IPC due to a procedural irregularity. Section 3 of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 urges that if any person is not obeying any regulation shall be deemed to have committed an offence punishable under section 188 of IPC.  The Act does not provide the procedure for cognizance of the offence.