Lifeguard Jobs in Dubai (June 2022) Lifeguards Sports & Leisure Cruise Ship Jobs – A Lifeguard is a rescuer who supervises the rescue and safety of surfers, swimmers and other water sports participants such as in a water park, swimming pool, spa, beach, river and lake. As per requirements of particular venue, the lifeguards are trained in CPR/ AED first aid, swimming, certified in water rescue using a variety of equipment and aids. Lifeguards are the part of emergency services system. Lifeguards (Lifeguard Jobs in Dubai) enforce and explain safety rules, rescue persons from danger situations and use their talent of first aid to save lives.

Eligibility Norms for Lifeguard Jobs in Dubai

  • Ability to evaluate water conditions at ocean/ beach, or other offsite natural pools, rivers or streams to discover hazards or potential dangers at aquatics facilities
  • At least attained minimum of eighteen years of age or older
  • Minimum of one month of related experience
  • Completion of lifeguard training & comfort in all types of water conditions
  • CPR and first aid certification (Candidates having AED certification will be preferred)
  • Proficient in interacting with people of different age group from diverse backgrounds
  • Physically fit, mentally strong, agile & dexterous and available to work in shifts
  • Knowledge of onsite protocols, safety policies and operational procedures

Role & Responsibilities for Lifeguard Jobs in Dubai

  • Warns swimmers of danger or improper activities and enforces pool norms and water safety regulations
  • Supervises swimming activities and ensures that guidelines, policies and safety procedures are followed
  • Administers first aid in the event of injury, rescues swimmers in danger or distress of drowning or administers CPR or/and artificial respiration if required
  • Inspect equipment, pool facilities and water to ensure it is usable and safe for health
  • Charts & record of water tests, assists with chlorine residual water tests and adds chemicals to pool waters as per guidelines
  • Assisting with swimming lessons
  • Maintaining orderliness and cleanliness of all areas

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