Judicial Mains Previous Questions 2022 – Top 10 Questions Asked Judicial Mains Exam – Previous Year Judicial Mains Question Paper Sample Questions for Judicial Mains Exam

  1. Does the Right to clean Environment require legal norms or burning crackers on the fest like Diwali and Guruparv? Discuss with the explanation of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution and judgments of the Apex Court in this regard.
  2. Federalism is a functional concept rather than a structural comment.
  3. All federal constitutions must be necessarily rigid in nature, why?
  4. Discuss the relation between Lt. governor versus Delhi Government.
  5. Role of National Lok Adalats. Can they be a productive tool for dispute resolution? Critically examine.
  6. Recent Supreme judgment recognizing transgender as the third gender puts them in a strange situation. On the one hand, they are now legally recognized and protected under the constitution, but on the other hand, they may be breaking the law if they have consensual sex! Critically examine.
  7. Electoral reforms and Judicial activism.
  8. Indian Supreme Court Versus United States America Supreme Court.
  9. Collegium System and Transparency.
  10. Chief Justice of India first among the equals which give him discretionary powers in India? Critically Examine.

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