International Nurses Day

Nurses Are the Heart of Healthcare”

                                                   Donna Wilk Cardill

Twelfth May is celebrated as “International Nurses Day”. This day is celebrated on the name of Florence Nightingale who was born on 12th May 1820 in the city of Florence of Italy. Florence Nightingale is also known by the name of Lady with Lamp. St. Stevens Hospital at Delhi was the first hospital to start training Indian women as nurses in 1867.

In these days when whole of the world facing the problem of Covid-19 then there are only the front side soldiers who all times fights with this virus are Doctors, Nurses, Police etc. amongst which Nurses plays vital role to save every person who is suffered with this disease. Generally, people are thankful to doctors for treatment and forgot about the services of nursing staff.

So, today we are going to salute to all the nursing staff who are giving their day night services for saving our nation from this epidemic.

National Florence Nightingale Award

This award has been given every year on 12th may. It was started in 1973 by the Government of India. Till now, approximately 250 Nurses has been awarded with this award for their excellent services. This award is given by the President of India. In this award the awardee is awarded with 50,000 Rs along-with medal and appreciation letter.

Even from the time of Florence Nightingale this profession was not be assumed as reputed profession. In olden days because of hospitals were far away from the cities and also most of the people suffered with chronic diseases were visited to hospitals and died over there. Even today also this profession has not much reputation in the society.

Although we know that every profession is good profession but due to lack of awareness, and narrow thinking this can happen in our society. Currently, India has only 0.7 Doctors and 1.7 nurses available per thousand population. India stands at sixty seventh rank with regard to number of doctors and 75th rank with respect to number of nurses which is very less.

National Technology Day in India

Loopholes in this Profession – International Nurses Day

There are some drawbacks in this profession who pull behind this profession in our society. That loopholes are

  • Violence on workplace
  • Long working Hours
  • Lack of staff in hospitals
  • Lack of access to protective equipment
  • Less salaries
  • Lack of coordination between nursing staff and doctors
  • Lack of experience
  • Forged degrees
  • Lack of training
  • Need to the evolution of the high-technology hospital
  • Care coordination for chronically ill and elderly people
  • Need to redesign the role of nurses


As all we know in these days’ nurses are frontline soldiers who work day night. They play role as a backbone in health care profession. But still there is some need to improve the infrastructure of this profession. Nursing has only been done for moving abroad because this profession has good outcomes in foreign countries instead of India.

In India there is dire need to improve the health care services which can only be done with the appointments of nurses in hospitals and with the quality of their training as well.

India is already facing problem of poverty, unemployment, corruption, poor standard of living, etc. In our India we saw that number of persons has died due to the lack of treatment or lack of hospitals. So, government should take care of this field also. Our medical colleges and training centers must be equipped with advanced instruments.

Government should provide handsome salaries to the nursing staff so that they can fulfil their responsibility in their field. Number of working hours must be fixed by the government. Workplace haphazard must be checked timely by the concerned officials.

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