Human Rights and Media – Need of New Law Reform against Infringement of Right to Privacy by Media Trial Sub Theme: Human Rights Issues and Media – The ever-increasing role of the media in today’s globalized and tech-savvy world cannot be negated. The existence of an independent, free, and strong media is the foundation of a democracy, especially of a highly varied society like India.

Media is not only a medium to express once feelings, opinions and views, but has the great ability to mobilize the thinking process of millions and is capable of changing the entire thoughts through which human perceive different events. Justice Hand of the United States Supreme Court rightly said, “The hand that rules the press, the radio, the screen and the far spread magazine, rules the country”.

The freedom given to the press serves the larger purpose of the right of the people to be informed of a broad spectrum of facts, opinions and views. It is the medium through which people gain access to new information and ideas, an essential component of a functioning democracy. Thus, the survival and flowering of Indian democracy owes a great deal to the freedom and vigour of our press.

Human Rights and Media

In this article we will touch following points of Human Right Issues and Media.

  1. Freedom of Speech and Expression/Freedom of Press
  2. Media Trial
  3. Legal Framework for the Right to Privacy
  4. Existing Legal Framework to Regulate Press
  5. Urgency of New Law Reforms


Thus, some form of restriction on such media trials has been suggested to preserve the administration of justice as also to protect privacy of individual. The connection between the privacy and freedom of expression does not have to be a zero-sum game but preferably can be in a positive sum game where all two rights exist not only to not decline each other but actively support and enhance each other.

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Ms. Gurjit Kaur, (, LL.B, LL.M, Ph.D) at present Law Lecturer in Rayat Bahra University