High Blood Pressure Treatment 2022 – Blood Pressure has become a house hold word. A term in medical dictionary called as Hypertension. Under circumstances of a hostile environment, annoying situation, provocative remarks and stressful situations, a person may feel restless unable to concentrate, shaky hands, red face, heaviness in head. These are usually the manifestation of blood circulation in the body at a pressure higher than what the individual is normally used to be in day to day life.

That brings us to the question as to what is normal blood pressure? Most of the world authorities including the World Health Organization (WHO) now agree that in adults normal blood pressure is less than 140/90 mm Hg.  Repeated blood pressure readings (at least three) on different occasion if found 140/90 mm Hg., or above make the person to be having high BP or hypertension.

High Blood Pressure – Symptoms:

High BP is generally a “Silent disease”, specially when it has developed over a long time. Infect the disease of high BP is not really that silent, if the persons having it or the physician to whom they go for vague symptoms like headache, heaviness in mind, disturbed sleep, heavy breathing during work or climbing stairs, are careful enough to take the blood pressure reading with concern and care.

Fear, anxiety, anger, apprehension, tense often tend to raise blood pressure. Both the patient and the doctor should be in a relaxed and comfortable position during blood pressure measurement.


Unlike diseases like typhoid, TB and malaria where we know the precise cause of the disease and therefore specific drug treatment, in case of high blood pressure no cause is known, but we do have effective drugs and other means to treat this condition.

When high BP is found in children and young adults, there is generally a causative factor like some abnormality in the major blood vessels of the body or those of kidneys or some tumors in or around the kidneys. In the adults however there is no detectable cause or causes of high BP (Primary Hypertension).

High Blood Pressure Treatment:

Anybody who is found to have high BP must get the following investigations done which will help

  1. To find a possible cause of causes for high BP and there by give a specific treatment as cure for the disease in the form of ballooning or surgery.
  2. To know the extent of damage done by high BP to vital organs such as brain, eyes, heart and kidneys.

The investigations include:

  • Blood tests for hemogram, urea, sugar, uric acid and lipid profile
  • ECG
  • Analysis of Urine for albumin and microscopy
  • Ultrasound of abdomen for kidneys and adrenal glands
  • X-Rays of chest and abdomen
  • Eye check up
  • CT scans for MRI in a few cases when suspecting a tumor as a cause of high BP or vascular complications of due to high BP.

Treatment Proper Consists Of:

  • Non drug measures
  • Surgery
  • Ballooning
  • Drugs for high blood pressure


There are excellent drugs available at present for the control of high BP. It is not possible to describe these in detail here but it will be in order to state that the doctor should use such drugs or drug combinations which do not cause any disturbances in blood glucose, cholesterol and electrolytes. One common side effect of some blood pressure lowering drugs is importance or adverse effects on male erectile function. When treating high BP in the elderly patients, we must start with the smaller doses of any drug and preferably give one drug. The elderly patients are also more prone to postural hypotension i.e. sudden fall in blood pressure on standing.

Prevention of High Blood Pressure:

The various preventive measures for primary prevention of high BP therefore are targeted against the risk factors which either initiate or aggravate high BP. These preventive measures are:

  • Avoiding putting on weight and in those who are overweight to lose weight.
  • Regular physical exercise not only keeps the weight down but also is the best means for mental relaxation and keeps the blood cholesterol also down.
  • Not to consume too much salt. Diet should contain enough citrus fruits to keep the blood potassium up and sodium low.
  • Alcohol consumption more than two ounces of whiskey or two glasses of beer in a day should be strongly discouraged.
  • Regular practice of meditation and yoga Asana including Padamsana and Shavasana are proven ways to give mental relaxation and to prevent occurrence of High BP.

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