Gardener Jobs in Dubai June 2022 – Gardening Jobs with Salaries in UAE, A Gardener (Mali) is someone who practices gardening, either professionally or as a hobby. The Gardener manages nursery to grow plants, trees, vegetables, flowers and etc in green house or open air, in private or public gardens. In addition to this, a Gardener plans preparation of beds, prepares bed by different processes, implement way of cultivating, planting, and treatment based on climatic conditions, soil, irrigation facilities etc. The garden designer is someone who are design the garden. The design can include different themes such as butterfly, perennial, wildlife, water, Japanese, tropical or shade gardens.

Eligibility Norms for Gardener Jobs in Dubai

  • Ability to handle a variety of horticultural machinery and powered hand tools
  • High school diploma/ matriculation/ ITI certificate or equivalent
  • A certification in a landscaping or horticulture would be preferred
  • At least two years of proven experience of ground keeping or in a relevant field
  • In-depth knowledge of gardening and plants techniques
  • Solid understanding of safety and health legislation and rules
  • Should be a reliable worker who can perform routine tasks without supervision
  • Extensive knowledge of regional plant life, ability to lift heavy objects
  • Knowledge of natural and synthetic fertilizers, local pests and how to eliminate pests

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Role & Responsibilities for Gardener Jobs in Dubai

  • Maintain and install seasonal plants
  • Trim, mow and fertilize green spaces {Gardener Jobs in Dubai}
  • Perform basic maintenance such as emptying bins, cutting the grass, managing weed control & leaf raking
  • Nurture & plant new flowers, trees, and different plants
  • Maintain a clean garden by clearing litter and rubbish from the grounds and garden
  • Ensure a safe environment for clients and staff by adhering to health and safety regulations
  • Advise management on the costs of garden and plants necessities with reports and written quotations

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