Fundamental Duties Essay 2022 – Let’s take quick look on our FD – 10 Minutes Audio Lecture to Understand Easily Article 51 (A) of person in Legal Terms. Well duties and rights go parallel to each other. One person’s right is another person’s duty. So before taking up rights we should follow our duties firstly. Article 51(A) from sub-clause a to k is deals with fundamental duty. These fundamental duties are explained as the basic human rights of all citizens. Like Directive Principles they are not enforceable unless made enforceable by parliamentary law. When we follow our duties honestly there will not even need to fight for rights.

Fundamental Duties Essay

Originally our Constitution has ten duties. When right to free and compulsory education to the children of six to fourteen years was added in the list of fundamental rights in Article 21(A) alongside the last or eleventh duty has also been added by 86th amendment of the constitution in the year of 2002 which is duty of every parent to provide free and compulsory education to their children of 6 to 14 years.

So, every citizen of India must obey these duties. Every NGO, social and religious organization should take initiative to aware every person about these fundamental duties.