Firefighter Jobs in Dubai – Fire Fighting Jobs in UAE (with Salaries) 2022 – A Firefighter is a rescuer extensively trained in firefighting, mainly to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten property, life, and the environment as well as to rescue human, and also animals from dangerous situations. Firefighter is also knowns as firemen or firewoman. The firefighters respond to accidents, fires and other incidents where are risks to property and life.

A firefighter is a professional who serves rescue, prevention and suppression services for fires. These individuals may help after and during accidents and involved in situations like buildings. They (Firefighter Jobs in Dubai) respond to a wide variety of calls as well as fires and assist at chemical spills, car crashes, water and flooding rescue.

Eligibility Norms for Firefighter Jobs in Dubai

  • Certification as emergency medical technicians EMT is preferred
  • High school diploma or higher degree in fire science is a plus
  • Working knowledge of firefighting apparatus and equipment
  • In-depth knowledge of CPR/ first aid methods
  • Successful passing of firefighting exams such as physical, written, psychological etc
  • Valid driving license issued by competent authority
  • Cool and patient tempered with the ability to function in a team
  • Age at least eighteen years or above

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Role & Responsibilities for Firefighter Jobs in Dubai

  • Operate rescuing and firefighting equipment such as axes, aerial ladders, fire hoses etc
  • Quickly respond to fire alarms to extinguish and regulate building or forest fires
  • Offer emergency medical services with compliance to prescribed standards
  • Clean up fire scenes by removing burned and debris items
  • Write up actual reports after incidents and handover it to seniors within timely manner
  • Prevents fire damage by inspections for enforcing & hazards codes and conducting surveys
  • Ensures availability of water at fire scene by expediting & requesting repairs, and testing hydrants
  • Protects citizens during emergencies, executes rescues and extinguishes fires

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