Female Jobs in Dubai (June 2022) Jobs in Dubai for Indian Female Freshers – Female is the sex of an organism that produces egg cells (the large non-motile ova), the type of gamete that fuses with the male gamete during sexual reproduction. With the secure and strategic location and tax-free environment, it is no doubt that Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for ambitious women and men to develop their careers. If you are a female, looking for job offer or start a business in the United Arab Emirates, you may be curious to know some of the unique advantages that this Dubai UAE city offers.

Top Benefits for Female Jobs in Dubai

Safety: The safety and secure environment is one of the most appealing prime factors to work in Dubai as a female. Recently, the Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah (UAE) has been ranked as one of the top safety cities in the world. It is easy for female to move using public and private transport within Dubai.

Gender Equality at the Workplace: As per UAE Cabinet meeting in 2018, the law has been passed for ensured equal salaries and wages for women and men working in UAE, who served same duties.

Maternity Leave & Childcare: As per UAE labour law, if a female has completed one year of her service, she has right to claim 45 days maternity leave with full pay.

Career Chance for Female Jobs in Dubai: As per the Dubai Women Establishment, the females occupy 66% of roles in the public sector while 30% are in senior leadership post. There are also 23,000 Emirati business women, whose projects cost 50 billion AED as total value.

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Rules Followed for Female Jobs in Dubai

  • Make sure a female has the right visa type to work in the emirates, for example it is illegal to work on tourist visa in the emirate
  • Respect the local religion & customs and wear dress code accordingly
  • Make sure that a female employee is familiar with certain provisions in the labour law for the women workforce in the UAE. For example, the females are not allowed to work in night for more than 11 consecutive hours.

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