Female Foeticide Essay – Save Girl Child – Think a World Without Girls

If you want to save the society then first keep safe the daughters. Let the daughters come into the world. Our land is the land of Prophets, Saints, and this land gave the status to the woman as the creator of the world but in- spite of this status there will be no end of sex determination and female foeticide is continuity in the process. Let’s figure out the drawbacks of this social anti-activity which is prevailing in our society and spreading like a fire in the jungle.

What is Foeticide?

Generally foeticide is the act of destroying a fetus or killing of fetus. Foeticide of female fetus is actually stopping a mother to come into this world. If any person is involved in this activity he is doing a crime against God. All we need mother, sister, wife then why we don’t need daughters.

Causes of Female Foeticide:

  • There are various reasons for Female Foeticide like Social, Religious, Emotional, and Financial.
  • In India, there is a fake faith of peoples that girl child is always consumer and boy is the producer.
  • The dowry demanded by the parents of boys during the marriage is also one of the big causes of female foeticide.
  • Insecurity, Illiteracy, Poverty also plays an important role for the girl baby burden.
  • Increased ratio of Rape cases

How to Control ? – Female Foeticide Essay

  • Law needs to impose rigorous imprisonment if anyone commits this crime.
  • Women must be educated
  • Seminars and Campaigns organized by the concerned Government to aware of married couples.
  • Permanent cancellation of license of practice of Medical practitioner those committed this crime.
  • Parents should be penalized who want to kill their baby girl.
  • Develop an extra study subject on female foeticide for students.

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