Fashion Designer Jobs in Dubai Salary 25 Fashion Design Vacancies in UAE – A Fashion Designer is a professional who works in the world of designing, fashion and creating new clothing items to wear for models. Fashion Design is the art of applying aesthetics, design, natural beauty to clothing, construction of clothing and its accessories. A fashion designer creates clothing including pants, dresses, skirts and suits and accessories like handbags, shoes for consumers.

The fashion designer can specialize in accessory, clothing or jewelry design or may perform in more than one of these areas. The fashion designing is one of the most popular design specializations among students. In easy words, the apparel designer or fashion designer creates different clothing products along with accessories and shoes to match latest styles and trends.

Eligibility Norms for Fashion Designer Jobs in Dubai

  • Proficiency in computer aided fashion design applications and digital visualization tools
  • Bachelor Degree in fine arts, or design or fashion and equivalent
  • Concerned certification or training as a Fashion Designer
  • Proficient with Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Excel
  • Capability to do sketches by hand
  • Excellent conceptual and design skills, sense of color and style
  • Interest to travel for product development and research

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Role & Responsibilities for Fashion Designer Jobs in Dubai

  • Fashion Designers are responsible for creating looks of individual garments, involving shape, fabric, color, trimming and more.
  • Work in variety of mode like designing of accessories and pieces such as bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces because it required to put a garment out
  • Collaborate with staff members to choose seasonal themes, create new concepts and make edits to lines
  • Select trims and fabrics (Fashion Designer Jobs in Dubai)
  • Communicate with a technical designer to ensure growth packages are accurate
  • Conducting market research to get updates about new trends, fabrics & techniques and seeking design inspiration
  • Presenting mood, story, color boards and samples to clients

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