Eye Donation Procedure – Let’s Come forward to lighten the others life – From 25th August to 8th September in every year celebrated as eye donation fortnightly so that the doubts regarding eye donations of every person should be cleared and people should more aware for eye donation after death. Due to the miraculous development in medical science it makes possible today that we may do great work and lighten the lives of some needy persons by donating some of our body parts or by blood donation.

Today after death full body has been investigated and for donation purpose it should be donated. By donating eyes we will lighten the lives of depressed persons. Our eyes even after our death remains live, and they will surely make possible for others to see the world. The blindness of any person may be removed only by donating our eyes after death and donation of eyes must be written by us when we are alive.

According to figures all around the world there are approximately more than 2 crore people who are suffered from eye blindness and amongst it India is on the 50th number. The number of children is highest in this list. In one crore deaths around 45000 only eyes are donated.

The small nation Sri Lanka known as the eye bank of donated eyes and it even sends to India the donated eyes. So, that’s why the donation of eyes must be given by written when we will alive. By donating our eyes we feel mentally and spiritually happiness also.

What is Useful To Remains Our Eyes Healthy?

  • For eyes fitness vitamin A is necessary. The lack of vitamin A causes night blindness so, food which contains vitamin A in high quantity must be taken like Milk, Butter, Papaya, Mango, Dates, Tomato’s and green vegetables etc.
  • Full sleep so that your eyes can take proper rest so eight hours sleep must be taken by everyone.
  • Never read the books by lying by doing this causes pressure on eyes. While studying table and chair should be used. At the time of reading proper distance between eyes and books must be there.
  • If you wear specks then while watching T.V. & driving, you must wear it.
  • Eye checking should be done once in a year.
  • Eyes exercise should be done regularly.
  • The cold water instilling on daily basis.

Today there is need to aware people about this eye donation during fortnightly week. Special awareness campaigning should be started. There is need to establish grief counselling centre. Print and electronic media should also take part for awaking the people. There is need to firstly aware the NGO’s, religious and social organizations so that they can further aware to people about eye donation.

Eye Donation Procedure – Facts which noted down:

  • Eyes donated only after death.
  • In any age, in fact specky eyes, even surgical eyes or lensed eyes is also donated.
  • One person after his death lighten the eyes of two persons.
  • In summers the dead persons eyes remain live for 6 hours and in winters it shall be remains live for 8 hours.
  • The dead persons eye firstly closed completely and put wet cotton on eyes and head must be pulled up and fan must close at that time so that lids will not become dry.
  • At the time of eye donation social team will come at the house of dead person and after pulling eyes fake eyes will fixed in the empty space.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water while eye cleaning.
  • Do not use any pressure on eye ball.
  • Clean your eyes preferably in the morning and night before going to sleep.