Executive Jobs in Dubai (July 2022) Senior Executive Assistant Jobs in UAE – Executive is a senior management role in an organization, corporation or company. An Executive directs, coordinates and plans operational activities of their company, organization and are primarily responsible for devising strategies and policies to meet company goals. Executives often travel to attend conferences & meetings, and visit local, regional, international and national offices.

An Executive finds way to improve program, policies, performance and cut costs. The Executive analyse financial statements, sales reports and oversee the general activities that make up the mission of the company. The Executive (Executive Power or Executive Branch) is also the part of government in some cases that enforces law and has liable for the governance of a state.

Eligibility Norms for Executive Jobs in Dubai

  • Bachelor Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Law or the Liberal Arts, MBA and Equivalent
  • Some of the executive posts may require the license or certification concerned to their area of management such as CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
  • Ability to oversee financial and budgetary activities of company for Executive Jobs in Dubai
  • Should be involved with negotiating or and approving agreements or contracts
  • Must be focused on formulating policies, strategic planning, training, hiring, purchasing and other supervisory tasks

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Role & Responsibilities for Executive Jobs in Dubai

  • Supervising activities and operations of the department
  • Carry out and establish organizational and departmental policies, goals and procedures
  • Manage general activities concerned to making products and offering services
  • Oversee and direct a budgetary and financial activities of an organization
  • Approve or negotiate agreements and contracts
  • Analyze sales reports, financial statements and other indicators performance
  • Creating change in the department that is beneficial to the company growth
  • Implementing procedures and policies and allocating budgets to achieve set goals
  • Managing personnel matters like firing and recruiting
  • Reporting to the upper management on the progress of the department

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