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List of Latest Electrician Jobs

Eligibility Criteria

  • Having extensive numbers of prior work experience in a similar role
  • A high school degree or equivalent diploma in the electrician field
  • Having the ability to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently
  • Having excellent command over installing and repairing the damaged equipment
  • Basic interaction skills in English are mandatory. However, the Arabic language would be an added advantage, etc.

Electrician Jobs in Dubai – Career Options in UAE

  • Mechanic Operator
  • Electrician
  • Mechanic
  • Wireman
  • Lineman
  • Supervisor
  • Technician
  • Repair expert, etc.

Self-employment opportunities include –

  • Establishing own electrical repair shop
  • Establishing own electrical goods store
  • Becoming a contractor
  • Being self-employed by offering own services to people, etc.

Skills required (Electrician Jobs in Dubai)

  • Good practical skills
  • Confidence when using power tools
  • The ability to analyse technical drawings
  • Close attention to detail
  • The ability to focus for long periods of time
  • The ability to follow instructions
  • A methodical approach to work
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Normal color vision
  • Good administrative skills
  • A reasonable standard of physical health, etc.

Some skills required to remain safe in the workplace

  • Know your rights
  • Be ready for anything
  • Equip yourself with adequate gear
  • Test before you touch
  • Only use the equipment for its intended purposes
  • Follow proper procedures
  • Make sure that you are well trained for the job, etc.

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Responsibilities of an electrician

  • Assessing plans to work out where wiring and plug sockets will need to be fitted
  • Installing initial wires along with the ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Fitting fuses, earth terminals, and circuit breakers
  • Mounting back boxes on walls for the points and sockets
  • Installing alarms and security alarms
  • Testing wiring and electric equipment for faults
  • Installing telecommunication networks
  • Laying cabling to connect computers and other equipment to power supplies, etc.

Some of the well-known job sector recruiters in Dubai are

  • Power production and transmission companies
  • Electrical equipment manufacturing firms
  • Electrical appliance manufacturing firms
  • Refineries
  • Industries that use an electrical machine, etc.

Pay scales in Dubai for Electrician jobs

The salary ranges start from 8,810 AED to 13,600 AED and increase with experiences including housing, transport, and other benefits, etc.

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