Economy of India After COVID-19 – Nowadays every Nation is facing the problem of Epidemic known as COVID-19. But in India, the infected rate with coronavirus is less in numbers as compared to other nations because of Government of India has taken rapid steps at the accurate time.

Our real soldiers who fight with this virus on daily bases are Doctors, Nurses, Policemen, Cleaners, Army men all they are doing their duties perfectly to cop up with the whole situation and we are and will always proud of them.

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Our Nation’s approximately 135 Crores people are safely staying at their homes. Usually, there are few questions in every person’s mind who are staying at home these days. Which are as follows:

Economy of India After COVID-19 – Questions

  • How to survive after COVID-19?
  • What to do for jobs?
  • If factories will do work properly?

All these problems/questions are generating stress and making upsetting to many minds. In this situation, many economists are saying that India’s economy will fall down. But I think our people of India will prove it wrong by doing self- commitments with their-own. Self- commitments will definitely boost up their positive energy. It will be a time to find “kick” in themselves. We all will surely come with bounce back.

Co-ordinated actions will perfectly accelerate economic growth. Effective utilization of limited resources and more efficient allocation of resources will become the power for us.

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After the second world war, people were facing the same problems as the growing economy. But we all knew that was the golden period of Indian economy growth rate after 1945.

Now, after COVID-19 we all will absolutely make India again golden sparrow with our united efforts and co-ordinated actions that enables to cross the limit of Socio-Economic, Environmental dimensions of development to be maximized.

It will be recognized that India will become one of the fastest-growing economy in the world.

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Mrs. Alka Goyal (MBA in Business Administration) Ex Executive Officer of Trident Group of Industries 

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