Democracy Improvement, Time to Improve the Lacuna of Our Democracy – Well we all know that we got our independence after so much struggle. A number of freedom fighters have lost their lives for getting our freedom. We were ruled by Britisher’s for so many years. In their rule we Indians don’t have even our basic rights. They exploit us like animals. After making so many efforts at the last on 26 Nov, 1949 we adopt our Constitution and declared Indian as independent Nation with having democratic form of Government. At that time no one understands what is democracy? And how govt will go to function? And how people will get their participation in their own government? So, let’s discuss this concept of democracy in detail:

What is Democracy?

At present also everyone knows that India is a democratic country without even knowing the exact meaning of democracy. In general words democracy means by the people for the people and to the people. Means thereby in this form of government people play vital role in every field of nation. But alongside if we really take a look on the actual picture of democracy in India, it is very shameful. There are so many reasons of polluting our system of democracy. In below, we are going to discuss few reasons which makes our system poor & democracy improvement:

Lack of Awareness:

Although in democratic government every person who is of eighteen years old have right to vote but the number of voters even don’t know the value of their votes. At the time of elections many of the voters even don’t caste their votes. They think that their single vote does not change anything. Many of our young generation don’t have much interest in making our system well off. They are least bothered about the actions of the government.


It is the biggest reason in the failure of our democratic system. From the lowest grade to upper grade every person thinks that they have become rich by short methods. They did corruption by using their powers in arbitrary ways. We all know that in India corruption spreads its roots everywhere.

Rigid Thoughts:

India is country of families, society, communities, etc. where one elder member of family passes the order and all other members follow the rules. If we saw from beginning in elections also this method takes a wrong cut because voting right is every one’s personal right. No one have power to induce any voter for casting their vote to any particular party or person. But in India it is a custom that where father casts vote generally son will also cast his vote to that person.

Democracy Improvement – Poverty:

Poverty is the root cause of all the problems in India. Poor person always thinks about money, things, luxuries etc. They always want to be rich in a night. So, many of the politicians at the time of elections takes the benefits of poverty of that persons and buy their votes only by supplying them few things, money or even some times drugs and liquor also. Poor people easily caught by that politicians.

Complicated Constitution:

Although we have our own constitution, but this is major drawback of our system that no one knows his basic rights and duties. It is matter of thinking that if any person does not know about their rights then how that one participates in electing their own government.

Now after discussing reasons of drawback here we are also going to discuss on some suggestions:

Democracy Improvement – Education:

Education is the best weapon against every crime. When people educate themselves and getting knowledge about their basic rights and laws then they will never be exploited by anyone.

Rigid law’s:

Our laws should be more stringent. The people should have terror in their minds before doing corruption. Hardened punishments must be given when any person caught red-handed.

Democracy Improvement Legal awareness camp’s:

The law schools, universities, must organize legal awareness camps. By these camps campaign of basic laws and rights must be started. It should be started from villages.’

Democracy – Wikipedia

Minimum qualification for electoral:

In our constitution there is no provision of minimum qualification for candidate who contested in elections. It is also a loophole in our democratic system that, the politicians who represent our nation sometimes even don’t have much qualification that is needed.

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