Deliveroo Jobs Bath 2023: Food delivery jobs in Bath UK – Will Shu, the founder and CEO of Deliveroo jobs Bath, went to London in 2013 and found a city full of fantastic restaurants, but he was surprised that so few of them offered food delivery. He made it his personal goal to provide the top neighborhood eateries right to people’s front doors.

Deliveroo now runs a hyperlocal three-sided marketplace that links nearby customers, eateries, and riders to complete a mission-critical, emotive purchase in less than 30 minutes. Deliveroo has expanded quickly because it provides customers with quick and dependable deliveries that they can track online. Deliveroo today serves millions of customers in ten markets across the world while collaborating with tens of thousands of eateries and grocery stores.

Deliveroo Jobs Bath – What You Need

  1. Smartphone with iOS 13.6 / Android 6 or above
  2. Safety equipment (e.g. helmet)
  3. Proof of your right to work self-employed in the UK
  4. Age 18+
  5. Scooter, bike or car (with license and insurance)

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Deliveroo Jobs Bath – About Rider Jobs

We base our offering to riders on the qualities they identify as being most important. Our ability to prioritise the things that riders care about most—flexible work, good pay, and security—has been made possible by our understanding of what matters most to riders. One of the first food delivery services was Deliveroo, which offers all independent contractors across the world free personal accident and third-party liability insurance.

Riders are protected by this protection, which is offered without charge, from the moment they place their first Deliveroo order. Will, our founder and CEO, was the very first rider and worked as a delivery driver full-time during the company’s first year of operation. He still makes deliveries weekly today together with team members from all throughout Deliveroo.

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