Data Entry Jobs in Dubai – A Data Entry Operator is responsible for collecting data and maintain company records. The companies nowadays are seeking to become computerized generally hire a data entry operator. An ideal data entry operator should be capable of fast typing, with knowledge of computer programmes and online forms. This job does not require much education. So, if you’re done with diploma/graduate in high school and looking for jobs in UAE then you must be acquainted with all the details regarding this. Let’s see what a cleaner’s basic job profile.

Latest Data Entry Operator Jobs in UAE

Qualifications required to get a Data Entry jobs in Dubai UAE:

  • High school graduate/diploma or GED or equivalent.
  • Ability to type minimum of 40 WPM.
  • Works experience in in data entry.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft office.

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Skills Required for Data Entry Operator Jobs in Dubai

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Knowledge of database and digital filing systems.
  • Special attention to details.
  • Typing speed and accuracy.
  • Capability to work independently.
  • Organize and process large amount of data correctly.

Data Entry Operator responsibilities and duties

  • Gather, collect and prepare the documents for data entry.
  • Verify the accuracy and obtain the information about the incomplete files.
  • Sort the information to preparing source data and translate it to electronic format.
  • Update regularly the database.
  • Protect the confidential data of the clients.
  • Maintain a good level of quality of data and review for any errors.
  • Carry out duties such as filing, printing and scanning if needed.

How to become a Data Entry Operator

  • Practice typing until speed of at least 40 WPM is achieved.
  • Get hand on basic computer programs
  • Obtain a high school diploma or GED or an equivalent.
  • Gain knowledge and experience in same field.
  • Opt for an apprenticeship or internship if you want to learn on the job.

Average Salary of Data Entry Operator in UAE

The salary of cleaner basically depends on experience, skills and location of work. The average salary of a person working as a Data Entry Operator in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is around 3000 ADE (lowest) to 9560 AED (highest) per month including housing, transport, and other benefits.

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