Current Education Scenario in India 2022 – As all we can see in these present days many qualified who are having higher degrees in education have no source of earning. They are not able to get jobs because they all studied in the same way and creates unemployment in India. The reason behind defected education system is that every student has to study the same books even they want to study it or not.

On the other hand going in big colleges and universities becomes the status symbols for students and their parents will have to pay huge money for that. Even at the age of eighteen students have no clarity in their vision.

Many students are those type of students who even does not want to go to school, but they went for some reasons which are:

  • Due to racism
  • Due to they have no other alternate

But after completing school when they came into field they have no practical knowledge. So there is a big flaw in our education system.

Current Education Scenario in India – Suggestions

Practical knowledge must be provided along-with theoretical study. So that when they passed matriculation they will have ability to choose their right future with full passion. Weight of books should be reduced.

Benefits of Practical Knowledge

If students consistently follow their passionate field without any pressure of studying a lot of books then they will not divert their minds in useless activities like drugs, and unlawful acts. They can create their own paths of success for their upcoming life.

If education system provides them their interested area at right age then like Milkha Singh, Marrykomm, Sachin Tendulkar are many examples who created history in the world.

They all didn’t get degrees in study, but they found their passion at very early age and put their whole efforts to achieve on higher position.