Construction Jobs in Dubai July 2022 – Jobs in Construction Companies in UAE – A Construction Worker is a worker employed in the physical construction of the built environment and its infrastructure. Construction Workers is also known as Construction Laborers work on construction sites. A Construction worker may provide assistance to Architects, Construction Manager, and Engineers to making and planning complete and strong structures. The are also liable for a number of on-site tasks such as erecting scaffolding, removing debris, unloading & loading building materials, and assisting with operating heavy equipment. A Construction Worker may work on different types of projects such as erecting temporary structures, constructing buildings or installing and maintaining roads.

Eligibility Norms for Construction Jobs in Dubai

  • No formal education is required for this post but candidates having GED (General Equivalency Diploma) OR High School Diploma OR Middle Pass/ ITI/ Matriculation will be preferred for Construction Jobs in Dubai
  • Licensure to work with hazardous materials should be required
  • Familiarity with hand tools such as hammers, drills, and saws
  • Commitment to wearing protective safety gear on the job site for noise, heat, and prevention of injury
  • Physical ability to perform repetitive actions using arms, hands, fingers, wrists, legs and other body parts
  • Able to work in long shifts commonly up to 8 hours in night or day mode
  • Ability to balance on scaffolding or high beams and steady hands

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Role & Responsibilities for Construction Jobs in Dubai

  • Ready the construction site by preparing tools, materials and equipment
  • Removing garbage, debris, and dangerous materials from sites
  • Loading and unloading and transfer of equipment and materials at construction sites
  • Breaking down and assembling barricades, temporary structures and scaffolding
  • Digging tunnels, holes and shafts
  • Pouring, mixing and levelling concrete
  • Place construction signals for traffic, if required
  • Work to wear safety equipment’s such as safety glasses, ear plugs, helmets and boots

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