Computer Operator Jobs in Dubai Salary 2022 IT Support Jobs in UAE – A Computer Operator is a role in IT which oversees the running of computer system, ensuring that the computers and machines are running properly. In easy words, the job of a computer operator is to control, monitor, enter commands, respond to on peripheral devices and computer. They are tasked with improving and managing a network performance of company by troubleshooting software and hardware problems. The IT Support person is liable for handling the maintenance and operation of computer systems, collaborating with other IT staff, maintaining equipment inventories and performing routine maintenance.

Eligibility Norms for Computer Operator Jobs in Dubai

  • Diploma/ Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/ PGDCA/ BCA and Equivalent
  • Advanced knowledge of computer electronics including chips, circuit boards, processors and peripheral equipment
  • In-depth understanding of enterprise networking, operating systems, and office software
  • Monitor the gauges, dials or other indications to ensure the operation of a computer is accurate
  • Experience in the structures and processes of government and the clerical services such as archives, word processing, recording & stenography, document administration, type design, and other office terminology and procedures

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Role & Responsibilities for Computer Operator Jobs in Dubai

  • Starting operations by entering computer commands
  • Monitor everyday machine work and manipulates it
  • Setting up computer and other hardware devices for Computer Operator Jobs in Dubai
  • Meeting with the IT team to determine the sequence of operations
  • Troubleshooting equipment malfunctions and software errors
  • Maintains processes by error detection and stoppage observation, communication and procedure correction of peripheral devices
  • The production schedule for IT activities is reacted and tracked continuously
  • Control and monitor electronic computer and peripheral electronic data processing equipment to process scientific, business, engineering and other data according to operating instructions
  • Normally work in server room or a data center but can also work remotely so that they can operate systems across multiple sites

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