Cognitive Radio – Abstract – CR are used in number of networking areas such as spectrum sensing that is the most important application of networking. It is important to properly utilize spectrum so to stop the wastage of spectrum in many applications cognitive radio networks co-exist with other cognitive radio networks, they use same spectrum without causing any interference.

A number of methods are used for spectrum sensing which Non-cooperative spectrum are and sensing Cooperative spectrum sensing. In a single cognitive radio have a problem of interference; it’s of the issues of shading from the primary user, a secondary primary user act as receiver able to hear both primary users and signal from CRN.

In the proposed system we developed a protocol which is cognitive leach protocol to find the route in the CR network by considering the energy of each primary user. Minimum distance is found in the proposed system with the help of C-Leach to save the energy spectrum in cognitive radio networks for primary users.

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Introduction Cognitive Radio

The wireless communication systems are used to transfer data from wireless telephony to interactive internet data and multi-media type of applications, for required higher data rate transmission.

Cognitive Radios is a very useful concept for wireless communications in the future, and its gaining more interest of the academia, industry, and other regulatory bodies. Cognitive Radios provides the opportunistic way to use frequency bands that are not heavily occupied by their licensed users it is a tempting solution to spectral crowding problem.

An interconnected set of CR devices that share information is defined as a CRN. Cognitive Radios Network performs the cognitive operations such as sensing the spectrum, managing available resources, and making user-independent, intelligent decisions based on cooperation of multiple cognitive nodes.

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