Cleaner/ Washer Jobs in Dubai – A cleaner’s duty is to make sure that the building is clean and spotless. An ideal cleaner should be passionate about unstrained environment and maintain good hygiene. From sweeping floor to washing windows or even cleaning the bathrooms are the duties of a cleaner. This job does not require much education. So, if you’re done with diploma/graduate in high school and looking for jobs in UAE then you must be acquainted with all the details regarding this. Let’s see what a cleaner’s basic job profile.

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Qualifications required to get a Cleaner Jobs in Dubai:

  • High school graduate/diploma or GED or equivalent.
  • Valid driving licence is preferable
  • Works experience in store is preferable in cleaning.

Skills Required for Cleaner/ Washer Jobs in Dubai

  • Ability to handle heavy equipment’s and machinery.
  • Organization skills
  • Capable of pull, push, lift and bend the heavy things.
  • Responsible and instant problem-solving ability
  • Knowledge of chemicals and cleaning materials
  • Cooperative and good team work abilities

Cleaner/ Washer responsibilities and duties

  • Cleaning, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floor and rooms.
  • Performing heavy cleaning tasks and empties trash.
  • Maintaining sanitization and organize areas.
  • Notify the building management for any kind of repair needed.
  • Setup and maintain stocks of supply room.
  • Change the dirty linens and carry out them to correct place
  • Cooperate with staff and perform additional duties in emergency.
  • Follow all the safety precautions.

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How to become a Cleaner/ Washer

  • Obtain a high school diploma or GED or an equivalent.
  • Gain knowledge and experience in same field.
  • Use cleaning software’s to run operations smoothly.
  • Get the knowledge of cleaning equipment’s such as spray bottles, sponges, protective gloves, reusable towels, and housekeeping tools such as mops and brooms.

Average Salary of Cleaner/ Washer in UAE

The salary of cleaner basically depends on experience, skills and location of work. The average salary of a person working as a cleaner in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is around 2100 ADE (lowest) to 7,650 AED (highest) per month.

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