Cancer Symptoms & Treatment – Symptoms of Cancer and its Treatment – Cancer is a disease like other diseases. That’s why the symptoms of this disease resemble other diseases also. Cancer is not easily detectable on the basis of its symptoms. Still, there are many numerous reasons that we may find out of different types of cancers. Like in brain cancer normally headache remains there. Some times patients of brain cancer feel vomits, paralysis and numbness. Another in breast cancer the major Cancer Symptoms Treatment we find that there is a lump in the breast and difference of size in both breasts. Pain in body parts or abnormal changes in the body is also the symptom of having cancer. Before going for Cancer Symptoms Treatment, we should know about all testing and medicinal procedure about this disease to Cancer Symptoms Treatment.

Tests (Cancer Symptoms & Treatment)

In our country, till now no directions or instructions of testing of cancer is there. That’s why cancer patients suffer more. Some of the tests are so costly that this is not in everyone’s reach. Doctors should take care of patient’s economic health also. Before starting treatment doctors should only do necessary and rightful tests of patients. Think about it if doctors will do all the tests of patients and all the money goes on tests then the patient after making such huge expenses on tests they will avoid taking proper treatment because of huge expenses.

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When Operation needed or not?

Let’s understand it by taking one of the examples of breast cancer. In breast cancer sometimes it can be traceable by doing X-Rays and by stomach ultrasound only. Along with it, mammography must be done because of its actual size of lumps we have to understand. All the lumps are not cancerous. If the size increases of lumps than there is a fear of cancer otherwise there is no danger of cancer.

In this stage, no need for biopsy and there is no need for operation or medicine but the need is only regular watching by way of testing of lumps is needed. If breast cancer is on stage first, second and third then there is a need for operation and after surgery required medicines should be taken out. But if the stage is the fourth stage then there are no benefits of operation but in some cases, it will be done under special circumstances. In breast cancer in the first stage there is 90%, and in the second stage there is 70% and in the third stage, there are 35% successful chances and whereas on stage fourth also patient’s age may also be increased by 10 to 15 years by doing surgery.


The Cancer Symptoms Treatment of cancer has been done with two motives according to its stage. First, if the patient is all right or his or her age will be increased then only treatment will start. There are so many side effects of this treatment but it will be very helpful for cancer treatment. Second, if the stage of a patient is crossed and there will little chance of his recovering completely then there must be some type to treatment by which his or her present life will run smoothly. The treatment of cancer is possible on every stage but it will depend on its type and on its stage.

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Methods of Treatment (Cancer Symptoms and Treatment)

Generally, the first treatment of cancer is surgery. By doing surgery cancer effected part with its roots has been plucked it out from the body. Surgery is beneficial generally on first, second and third stage of cancer. On fourth stage the benefits of surgery are not much. But if there is infection in intestines then surgery is possible on fourth stage also.

In spite of surgery, the cancer is also treated by many medicinal courses. By medicinal courses it is called as chemotherapy or Tar- gated therapy. By these therapies, the patients are treated by giving injections. The blood cancer 90% are treated by these medicinal courses. After surgery as early as soon possible chemotherapy must be started. If it will start after one month of surgery then its benefits will come less. By chemotherapy generally the hairs of patients have fall down, and also patients feel fatigue. The doze of chemo should be given according to patient’s stage of cancer. It will be generally two to eight dozes of chemo which will be given to patients.