Can Girls have their homes? – Well, we all know that girls are worshiped as goddess in various shapes/forms. From the birth of the girl parents thinks about the marriage of the girl. Because, there is age-old tradition of sending girls to the house of boys after marriage. So, custom of sending girls to their matrimonial home is very heartfelt custom.

Feelings of Girls:

Everyone loves his birth home and birth town. As with the passage of time, all the memories of birth home make a big room in everyone’s heart. But think about the feelings of the girls who are from the birth mentally prepared for leaving their birth home.

No one understand the pain inside the heart of the girls. Sometimes they are also not willing/prepared to leave the parents home but for the sake of the societal norms and customs they are forced to practice this custom. Why this custom is made only for girls? Can any boy be ready to perform this custom?

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Can Girls Have Two Homes?

People usually said that girls even have two homes one is of her birth and one is of her matrimonial home. But the reality is little bitter. Actually, girls don’t even have one home.

Is it easy for anyone to stable themselves in another’s home? This position of girls shows that girls are stronger than boys. By moving into matrimonial home, she doesn’t only perform her matrimonial duties along with it, she is always ready to do sacrifice for the welfare of the family.

She is the only person who wake up early and going to sleep at late night. She is ready to give birth to the child without thinking about her health. If girls are given freedom with respect and love then there is nothing to stop them from succeeding. Girls are warriors as our history speaks. A lady can be a boss too. And a queen only needs fort without waiting of king.

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