BSc Botany Jobs in Dubai 2022 – SCOPES AND REACHES IN BOTANY – So if you are thinking of proceeding ahead with Botany as your honours in BSc, then you must be acquainted with the significance and scopes regarding this.

At first, let’s know what Botany is and what it deals with? So basically, Botany is also known as Plant science is the study of plants, their anatomy and physiology. The subjects that are studied during the three years of bachelor’s degree are Biodiversity, Molecular Biology, Genetic Ecology, Plant Diseases and Growth, Chemistry, etc.

Future after BSc Botany

Now let’s see what is the criteria and future prospects in this field. So if one needs to go for Botany then he/she must have had Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as mandatory subjects in +2. The admissions are mostly on a merit basis, also some universities conduct their own entrance exams. Now let’s see what after, once you are done with the bachelor’s degree?

So, chiefly the careers and research options are bright in our country and globally as well. Let’s take a glimpse into that too. So firstly let’s see the academic lines, one can go for Master of Science in Applied Botany, Plant Biodiversity, Herbal Science, Botany and Forestry, etc. Also one can go for more further studies that are PhD, Post Doctoral, researches etc.

BSc Botany Jobs in Dubai

There are many jobs in public sectors as well, through exams conducted by government bodies for Research Assistant, Senior Researchers, Plant Explorer, Conservationists, Ecologist, Taxonomist, Environmental Consultant, Farming Consultant, etc in the Botanical Survey of India (BSI), Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE), etc.

Private Sector Jobs Opportunities After B.Sc. Botany

Also, there are many private sectors too that offer jobs in agricultural farms, environmental farms, plant tissue culture labs as Researchers, Consultants, Plant biochemists and many more. The pay scales are also good in all these public and private sectors and also increases with experiences.

It’s just that all you need to have is focus and be attentive to what you are dealing with and you can bring about many beneficial medicines and treatments for the major diseases, contributing to efficiency and effectiveness in the growing plants, hence resulting in economic productivity as well.

Article Credit Goes to “Jyoti Singh”