Bartender Jobs in Dubai Salary 2022 Walk in Interview in Dubai for Bartender – A Bartender is a person who serves and formulates alcoholic or soft drink beverages behind the bar, usually in a licensed establishment. Bartenders also usually maintain the inventory and supplies for the bar. A Bartender can generally mix classic cocktails such as a Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Mojito, and Old Fashioned. Bartenders make drinks, take order and serve them to guests. Bartenders work at a wide range of drinking and restaurants establishments including clubs, bars, resorts, hotels, casinos and restaurants. They tend to work late hours, weekend and over holidays.

Eligibility Norms for Bartender Jobs in Dubai

  • A high school diploma/ ITI certificate or GED (general education degree)
  • Should have crossed at least 21 years of age to serve alcohol
  • At least 2 years of experience in a bar or similar environment
  • Strong knowledge of wine, spirits, champagne, garnishing, and mixed cocktails
  • Additional training, education, experience and certificates may be required as per UAE law norms
  • Ability to walk, stand, bend etc for extended periods and lift up to 25 lbs
  • Ability to keep the bar stocked, organized and clean

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Placement Opportunities for Bartender Jobs in Dubai

  • Restaurants and other eating places
  • Civic & Social Organisations
  • Resorts, drinking places that offer alcoholic beverages
  • Pubs & Nightclubs
  • Traveller Accommodation
  • Amusement, Gambling and Recreating Industries

Role & Responsibilities for Bartender Jobs in Dubai

  • Welcoming guests, listening and reading to people to determine beverage preferences, making recommendations, and taking drink orders
  • Mixing and selecting ingredients, serving beverages to guests and garnishing glasses
  • Handling debit/ credit and cash transactions, returning correct change to patrons, ensuring charges are accurate and balancing the cash register
  • Maintain a clean dining and work area by cleaning tables, removing trash, and washing utensils, glasses and equipment
  • Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages for restaurant and bar patrons
  • Present and plan bar menu, mix ingredients to prepare cocktails

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