Army Recruitment Glasgow 2023 Join as a full time Soldier UK – You won’t have to give up your former life when you enlist as a Regular Soldier because you’ll live and work on military bases, whether they’re in the UK or abroad. You typically work from 8.30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, unless you are gone on operations or training exercises. 38 days of vacation time per year is more than most occupations in the private sector. The role you select will affect how you live your life. Your time will be spent learning your trade, which could be anything from communications systems to mechanics.

Army Recruitment Glasgow – How to Join

At your neighbourhood Army Career Centre, you can get assistance and advice if you’re considering joining the military. You will have a recruiter here who will assist you with your application. When you’re prepared to proceed to the next level, they will get to know you better. You might be invited to the office’s occasionally-held seminars for applicants on a variety of subjects.

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Army Recruitment Glasgow – Find Recruitment Centre

There will likely be a lot on your mind as you leave the office. We are pleased to discuss Army life with you and your family, and if you decide you wish to enlist, we will assist you with the following procedure. Our team will consist of both uniformed and non-uniformed individuals. We don’t care if you arrive in jeans or business attire; we’re more interested in getting to know you and learning more about your motivations for joining.

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