Advisor Jobs in Dubai (July 2022) – Service Adviser Salary in UAE, An Advisor or Adviser is normally an individual with deeper and more knowledge in a specific area and commonly also includes persons with multidisciplinary and cross-functional expertise. An Advisor is typically part of the leadership, whereas consultants fulfil functional roles. The Advisor is also known as business consultants, that are responsible for executing and planning strategies to improve efficiency in the financial and operational management of businesses. They advise on projects, prepare budgets and perform risk analysis and marketing. As a business advisor, the duties will include profitability, increasing productivity, performing risk analysis and improving marketing strategy.

Eligibility Norms for Advisor Jobs in Dubai

  • MBA (Master Degree in Business Administration, Strategic Management and Equivalent
  • In-depth knowledge of business strategic and operations planning
  • Ability to advise on vendor, labor and supplier procurement contracts
  • Identify program plan and requirements appropriate course schedules
  • Competence with integrated electronic strategic management systems such as cascade and Monday strategy
  • Demonstrates a caring attitude towards advisees
  • Intrusive behaviour, frequent contact and available to advisees
  • Knowledgeable of organization policies, regulations, offerings and procedures
  • Planning, sales & research skills, client relationships, performance management, business strategies and consulting

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Role & Responsibilities for Advisor Jobs in Dubai

  • Preparing budgets and analysing financial records
  • Improving and evaluating sales, branding and marketing strategies
  • Manage risks and performing risk analysis to mitigate
  • Educating clients and staff members with sales, IT knowledge, marketing, company goals and relationship with clients
  • Studying consumer behavior and making significant changes to the company policies concerned to the products and client services
  • Performing tests on quality of products and implementing ways to improve the product as per response of clients
  • Maintaining and developing external and internal communication channels
  • Identify future business opportunities and mitigate risks

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